corporate offices

We serve the most diverse segments, studying and understanding their particularities, such as: Technology companies, financial institutions, administrative headquarters, industries, among others.

The execution of each project is a new challenge. Each customer is unique and our focus is on materializing corporate design and meeting business strategy.

We pride ourselves on the environments safety and functionality. During the layout execution, we seek to exceed the customer expectations, maintaining the specifications and the concept proposed by the architecture.

Covestro - SP

Bayer - SP


Astrazeneca - SP

Allergan - SP

Credsystem - SP

Votorantim - SP

Radio Globo - SP

Alcoa - SP

Civi-co - SP

Infor - São Paulo

Criteo - São Paulo

Commerzbank - São Paulo

Bicalho Mollica - São Paulo

BB Mapfre - São Paulo

ACE - São Paulo

ABB - Guarulhos

ABB - São Paulo

Master Blenders - São Paulo

Open Text- São Paulo

CCEE - São Paulo

Oracle - São Paulo

Philips - Barueri

Microsoft - São Paulo

Diageo - São Paulo